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We love comics, we love games, we love our new location and we think you’ll love it too. But we don’t love them enough to risk the health of our customers and staff. In light of developments regarding COVID-19 and its spread, we are choosing to err on the side of caution: as of 8:00pm, Monday March 16, the Harbor’s doors will be temporarily closed to the public.

While we believe this is the best and most responsible course of action, it was not an easy decision to make. In the end, the good of the community must take precedence over the demands of commerce.

Having said that, we are a commercial entity, and it seems likely people will need good reading material in the near future like never before. So while our physical storefront will be closed, we will continue to supply comics to those who want them.

In lieu of in-store shopping, here’s what we can offer...

Mail-Out: This has long been an option for Harbor customers. As long as Canada Post is operating, it will continue to be.
Simply choose ‘mail out’ when you place your online order.
Please note: Purchases weighing less than 500 grams (roughly five average 32 page comics) can be sent via lettermail.
Lettermail is the least expensive postal option, but does not include tracking or insurance.
If you'd like your letter mail insured and traceable (or you’ve placed a large order), it will need to be sent as a “small package”. Rates begin at $8 within Alberta and increase as you move away from Edmonton.

In Car Pick-Up: Now you have a comics drive-through option of sorts. Once the order you’ve placed online or on the phone has been filled and paid for, you can pick it up at the store between the hours of noon and 6:00 pm. Let us know when you’re a half-hour away and we should have your order ready to go when you arrive. Please park in front of the store and remain in your car when you get here. If we don’t appear immediately, just call and let us know you’re out front.
Fee: Free

Delivery: A new option for those within Edmonton city limits who don’t want to (or can’t) leave their homes. Here’s how it works:

Fee: $3 for orders under $50 (before tax and after the 20% moving sale discount has been applied), free for orders $50 and over


  1. Credit card: call or email it in to us
  2. PayPal ( or login in to PayPal and send money to
  3. E-transfer using the email address – if a password is required, please use “wonderland”