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An evening of appreciation for teachers and librarians!

Wine and Cheese Panels #3

April 5th, 2017
This is a FREE event!

Comics, Adolescence and Memory, with University of Alberta Professor DAVID LEWKOWICH

An Evening for Educators

David Lewkowich's research project "Comics and the Emotional Situation of Learning to Teach" garnered attention for exploring the impact a teacher's own memories of adolescence has on teaching junior high and high school, and the ways in which comics can help both teacher and student to explore memory.

In his presentation at Happy Harbor Comics, David will explore the ways that a reader's memory moves - as a dream - through the comics page, and how reading comics about adolescent life can allow the adult reader/educator to interrogate their own adolescence. As a reader, teacher, and comics enthusiast, David will offer readings of particular moments from texts about adolescence that call into question our slippery, untamed relations to memory and emotional life. He will also discuss the challenges and possibilities of working with memory in the English Language Arts classroom, suggesting that the inherent uncertainty of graphic narratives may serve as a particularly productive textual site for reflective thinking. Read "Could Embracing Your Inner Teenager Make You a Better Teenager" for more thoughts on the subject.

Schedule of Events

6:30PM Doors
7:00PM Guest Speaker,
Happy Harbor Comics and Learning Spotlight
Q & A, Discussion and Free Time

We encourage guests to invite any co-workers they think will be interested. Everyone who attends will enjoy a complimentary sampling of different wines and cheeses. As well, in addition to your regular professional discount (30%-40% off for your school/library, invoicing available), you will receive 15% off your personal purchases!

Happy Harbor encourages you to please drink responsibly.