Happy Harbor is proud to bring back the acclaimed series, Comic Talks,
as part of Edmonton's coolest interactive Sci-Fi con - PURE SPECULATION! -
at the Delta Edmonton South Oct 14 & 15!

This year we present 4 panels over the 2 day convention featuring some of the best and brightest the comics industry and fandom have to offer to help give you insight into the business, history and mentality of it all. Our feature panels this year are;

PANEL ONE - Saturday, October 14, 11 am
"Making Your Own Comics"
People who've struck out on their own to produce the tales they wanted to tell. Featuring;
Edmonton's BOB PRODOR (Wine, Women & Song) and IVAN BABIUK (PWA: the Comic) along
with Calgary's JAMES DAVIDGE (Wandering Stars) and CHRIS PETERSON (Meltdown & Doll Steak)


PANEL TWO - Saturday, October 14, 3 pm
"Inside The Industry"
Find out more about how things work in the professional comics industry by speaking with those who make four colour madness for a living. Attendees of this panel will recieve a free copy Ezra #1 and Grunts #1, compliments of Arcana Studios!! Meet;
SEAN O'REILLY, Editor-In-Chief of Arcana Studios from Vancouver.
DEAN WELSH, colorist on Marvel's Half Dead
STEPHANIE CHAN, colorist on Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, and School Bites
CARY NORD, Dark Horse artist of Conan

Sean will also be reviewing completed submissions for possible work in future Arcana comics in the Merchants Area throughout the weekend!!


PANEL THREE - Sunday, October 15, 11 am
"Comics and Life."
Why do we love comics? Let four of Alberta's most brilliant minds discuss it with you. Meet;
RICHARD HARRISON and LEE EASTON of Mount Royal College in Calgary along with
ORION KIDDER (BA, MA) and TOM WHARTON from the University of Alberta here in Edmonton.


PANEL FOUR - Sunday, October 15, 3 pm
"The World of Webcomics"
I know you've got at least one webcomic bookmarked on your computer but what really goes into making these missives? Meet the makers from four webcomics featured on HH's website -
MARIE-CLAIRE GOULD (Will Work For Games), RUDI GUNTHER (Deathworld), TAROL HUNT (Goblins) and RICHARD BARKMAN & KEVIN SOLE (Twice. Thursday.)


To learn more about Comic Talks, make sure to visit the HH Library (in upper left corner)
and click on the COMIC TALKS! book. Then, come down to HH and grab a copy
and you'll be ready to talk comics!